MD's Message

Al Mirfa Power Company (AMPC) was established on January 1st 1999 by unbundling Madinat Zyed and Al Mirfa power station from the previous WED government organization under the constitution of Law No. 2 of 1998 defining the control and regulation of water and electricity sector.

2008 the company took over Al Ain power station assets and the three stations were ran under its control.
2014-2015 privatization of AMPC launched by selling part of Al Mirfa Power station assets. 2019 The company took over the remote generation assets that providing power and water to remote areas like Delma Island and another 6 locations.

We at AMPC set our visions, missions and values to in line with Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA), which is in line with Abu Dhabi government visions, missions and values. We are committed to support the network in best efficient and reliable way, with commitment of protecting the environment.

We are doing our best to support our community, every year we receive number of under graduates Emirati students from HCT and universities and train them and prepare them to be future candidates to run power plants, we are proud that we could prepare two batches of students to run the station from zero and carry out all necessary steps to start the Gas Turbines and export the power to the network without any assistance from our staff and with only one month of training.

AMPC management and staff realize and support Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA) to achieve the global objectives and goals of the transformation process, this transformation make us In line with Abu Dhabi’s Economic vision and as the UAE continues its strategic shift towards a diversified economy, the Energy sector is adopting improvement measures and reaching best-in-class economic standards, this transformation where TAQA is a leading electricity & water asset manager in the region mandated and trusted to transform Abu Dhabi’s electricity and water sector into an efficient & reliable system for all citizens & residents of the Emirate driven by world class operational excellence, able to tackle the environmental & economic challenges of the future, by enabling high performance of its operating companies and its people With a pipeline of sustainable projects that provide opportunities for international partnerships, this transformation will also play a critical role by supporting the UAE’s efforts to increase the contribution of clean energy.

Aref AlAli
Managing Director