AMPC Events Planner

Description Event Planner Date Details
Staff Entertainment MASDAR 13-Jan-2020 Participation in exhibitions' conferences and visitors' gifts
Gathering of Recreational staff employee( Alain Azzba or other) 12-Feb-2020 An annual entertainment party for lunch staff
Gathering of Recreational staff employee(Madinat Zayed) 12-Mar-2020 An annual entertainment party for lunch staff
GROUP (Iftar) in Ramadan 13-May-2020 Employees gathering for Iftar
LOUVER 11-Jun-2020 Staff entertainment trip
WETEX October Participation in exhibitions، conferences and visitors' gifts
FLAG DAY 02-Nov-2020 FLAG DISTRBUITIO & Raise the flag
Martyr's Day 31-Nov-2020 Martyr's Day
National Day celebration 26- Nov-2020 Celebration
TOWN HALL - Gathering MD with Employees 27-Dec-2020 Annually, the manager meets with employees in Al Ain branch and the other branch.