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The headquarter of the company is based at Al Mirfa station, where activities are run through various administrative, financial and technical departments:

1- General Management:

Consisting of the Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, and various other supportive sections, such as:

IT Section: to maintain the main frame computer system.
Chemical Laboratory: pre-production chemical treatment for seawater and distilled water prior to its distribution as potable water, as well as to the quality control to meet the standard specification.
Inspection and Corrosion: to prevent corrosion and conduct the necessary technical inspections for the high-pressure tanks and reservoirs.

2- Maintenance:

Consisting of various sections such as the mechanical, electrical, instruments and control and general services conducting various types of maintenance to ensure best quality and produce to its highest capacity without any disruption, and to administer periodical maintenance contracts. The management strives to provide the highest quality work with the least possible cost.

3- Operation:

The staff of this department is responsible for Operating all parts of both plants (Al Mirfa & Madinat Zayid’s) and work in shifts system covering all 24 hours of the day. Workers on the hand receive all necessary training to face any emergency outage.

4- Personnel:

Supervises the three sub departments: Employees, Administration and Human Resources & Training, and all that is relevant to the employees and their welfare.

5- Finance:

Prepares the annual budget of the company, auditing, annual inventory and financial report.

6- Purchasing Department & Warehouse:

Prepares Purchase Orders for all goods and manages the corporate’s central warehouse.

7- Planning & Development:

Plans and coordinates with the maintenance and operation department to maintain the best operation for all units and provide technical reports as well as preparation of studies to provide the highest quality services with the least costs.

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