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Al Mirfa Power & Distillation Plant

The plant was to includes 4 Siemens (64.3V) gas turbines, each with the capacity of (48 MW). Electric Power is produced by generators at (11 KV) and is stepped up to (33 KV) for local distribution, and up to (220 KV) for the high voltage transmission system.

Four waste heat recovery Boilers (WHRB) with a capacity of (120 T/h) each, in addition to 2 Aux. Boilers with a capacity of (220 T/h) (Manufactured by MACCI) and additional 2 Aux. Boilers with a capacity of (170 T/h) (Manufactured by CCT) are used to produce steam at (2300C) & (16)bar pressure.

Steam pressure is then reduced to (1.5) bar & (1100C) to be utilized in 3 desals with a production capacity of (5.4 M.G.D). each & another 3 desals with a production capacity of (7.5 M.C.D) each.

Distilled water is chemically treated on site for healthy and potable drinking supply according to WHO (Word Health Organization) standards.

Three 10 million gallons tanks store some water on site, and the rest is pumped to the local water distribution of the main water transmission system.

Madinat Zayed Power Plant:

Madinat Zayed power plant was commissioned in 1977 as a diesel generator station with three GM model 20-645E4 units of (1.5 MW) capacity each.

  • Additional two GM Diesels of a like output were added in 1983 to give a total capacity of (7.5 MW).
  • In 1991 a Stewart & Stevenson Model LM 2500 derivative turbine generator of (18 MW) capacity was installed.
  • In 1993, two frameľ6 EGT gas turbines with a capacity of (30MW) for each were added to the plant.
  • In 1996, a decision was made to decommission the power plant at Liwa and relocate the Stewart & Stevenson unit from there to Madinat Zayed. This unit is identical to the other unit at Madinat Zayed which was installed at Liwa in 1991 A Kanis Frame-5 gas turbine originally installed at Liwa in 1992 of (22MW) capacity was also relocated to Madinat Zayed at the same time.

The Current installed Capacity at Madinat Zayed is (118MW) as one of the Diesel generators has been decommissioned.

Electricity is generated at (11KV) and stepped up to (33KV) for local distribution & stepped up to (220Kv) for interconnection to Al Mirfa and Abu Dhabi.

In 2003 The energy output represented the expected plant factors for Al Mirfa and Madinat Zayed (of 72 % and 28% respectively).

In the year 2003 the plant availability was:

  • Al Mirfa gas turbines                 66%
  • Madinat Zayed Gas Turbines     89.66%
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