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Al-Mirfa Power Company shall in all aspects of its operations provide a health and safe working environment for its employees, contractors and the public. To accomplish this Al-Mirfa Power Company will:
  • Comply with applicable health and safety laws and regulations.
  • Where controlling laws or regulations do not exist, then Al-Mirfa Power Company will take the initiative using best international utility practice to provide guidance.
  • Recognize that health and safety are paramount and that no task is so important that it shall be performed at the risk of health and safety.
  • Adapt and operate company facilities and equipment to eliminate unacceptable health and safety risks and provide workplaces free from recognized health and safety hazards that are likely to cause injury or illness.
  • Enhance employee awareness of safety programs and policies and provide professional support and training.
  • Set quantifiable safety objectives and targets that result in continual improvement.
    Consider safety performance objectives in employee and contractor evaluations, rewards and recognition.
  • Continually strive to achieve a healthier and safer workplace, and monitor compliance with this policy.

In addition to the resources made available by Al-Mirfa Power Company, all employees and contractors also have an individual responsibility for their safety and the safety of others and are expected to contribute to the Company’s safety objectives.

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